.- It is loaded during the day and light on during the night
.- It allows up to 12 hours of energy when it is fully charged
.- Without cable, without movement and without noise
.- High luminosity orange Led with a long life duration
.- High efficiency mono crystalline solar cell
.- Without maintenance and without energy consumption
.- Chassis to use under bad weather. 
 .- Applications: 
            è Public works as well as roads construction
            è Accidents indication and broken down vehicles 
            è Way indication in aviation areas
            è Indicators for helicopters’ platforms 
            è Luminous with beacons in tourist and skiing centres
   è Buoys for naval ports and yachting harbours
   è Mountain journeys, masts, posts, etc… 
And everywhere places requiring a signalisation without maintenance.  
For other colours, please contact us to know minimum order quantities as well as delivery times



Reference: C-0480
dimensions:200 x 120 mm
weight:680 gr.

69,50€ 37,70 €