This kit, made in Germany, contains the necessary equipment to experiment and to understand the operating mode of one from the main energy sources for the future. Hydrogen cells supply with renewable and not polluting energy, which can be used wherever and whenever, although there is not wind or sun. This kit contains all the necessary accessories for the cell operating. It is supplied in a strong plastic box which allows to protect and to easily move it, in the best conditions.
This fuel cell is an authentic energy transformer. It will produce electricity, according to a safety and very effective way, through the hydrogen electrochemical transformation.
Process: Pure hydrogen is directly sent to the anode, whereas it is supplied with oxygen (air) to the cathode. The chemical reaction provoked in the fuel cell generates electricity, pure water (H2O) being the single by-product. The cell requires an wide quantity of hydrogen which is guaranteed by the included refillable tank.Este kit tiene lo necesario para experimentar y comprender el funcionamiento de una de las principales fuentes de enrgia del futuro. El motor de hidrógeno suministra energía renovable, no contamina y puede usarse en cualquier lugar y momento . El motor de combustible es un auténtico transformador de energía.Producirá electricidad de forma segura y muy eficiente, a través de la transformación electroquímica del hidrógeno .

Reference: C-7100

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